The bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus), also known as the lammergeier and ossifrage, is a very large bird of prey. Traditionally considered an Old World vulture, it actually forms a separate minor lineage of Accipitridae. The bearded vulture is the only known vertebrate whose diet consists of 70–90% bone.

Sheep vulture,
bone breaker —

The creamy-coloured forehead contrasts against a black band across the eyes, lores, bristles under the chin, which form a black beard that give the species its name. Bearded vultures are variably orange or rust of plumage on their head, breast, and leg feathers, but this is cosmetic. This colouration comes from dust-bathing, rubbing mud on its body, or drinking mineral-rich waters.

Oraculology is the discipline for the study of oracle bones and the oracle bone script

Oracle bone writing was engraved on oracle bones, which were animal bones or turtle plastrons that were used in pyromantic divination during the late 2nd millennium BC.

It is also the direct ancestor of over a dozen East Asian writing systems developed over the next three millennia, including the Chinese and Japanese logographic and syllabaric scripts still in current use. In terms of content, the inscriptions, which range from under ten characters for incomplete prognostications to over 100 characters in rare cases (a few dozen being typical), deal with a wide range of topics, including war, ritual sacrifice, agriculture, as well as births, illnesses, and deaths in the royal family.

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